design studio offers comprehensive solutions in the design of interiors. I approach to each project individually, with an emphasis on functional and ergonomic solutions associated with the original and spectacular ideas. The aim of the workshop is design, combining the investor’s expectations with ambitions design, the result is the interior unique and tailored to the client. I design both smaller metric area as: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom through studios, houses, apartments or commercial premises. My specialty is based on a modern interior design, but don’t remain closed on other styles and design any interior, fulfilling the dreams of each customer. headquarters is located in Gdynia, but I assure full support design customers from all over the Tri-City and surrounding areas, as well as the entire Poland.

Magdalena Szwedowska

In 2012 I graduated the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning Technical University. Since I can remember, I wanted to study architecture and and my dream came true.

In 2008 I started my professional adventure design. The experience I have gained over the years, helped me find my style, develop knowledge and skills that are necessary in interior design. But that didn’t stop to be able to offer design services at the highest level, constantly improving my skills on training courses.

As an architect actively participate in every stage of the project.

The first is to get to know and with the subject, whose design is concerned and requirements. On this basis, I prepare a few ideas that are supported by realistic visuals. It’s an essential part of the puzzle, so that we reach the target arrangement.

After approval of the project, the next step is to prepare the documentation for sector specialists: electrician, plumber, carpenter. At this stage also select specific finishes: floors, walls, doors, there are proposals loose furniture, lighting and decorations.

At the stage of finishing exercises constant supervision and watching over the fact that the performance was in line with the project. My aim is to ensure that each project was buttoned the last button.

There are no such projects themselves, because each client is also different. When the project implemented can’t wait for the final result and faces a satisfied customer. I believe that every space you can make a place unique.

Thank you for your interest and look forward to your phone.
Magdalena Szwedowska