This 64-meter flat is located in Gdańsk in the Awiator complex.

The concept for the apartment was designed to be a space for two young female students. The apartment’s footprint was left unchanged, but the space within now includes a gorgeous kitchen with a long island separating the living and dining area. The home includes two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a laundry room potentially convertible into another bathroom.

The concept was to create an inviting and warm environment, where you can prepare dinner for your friends and eat at the foldout table, sit on the soft sofa and watch TV when it is raining or lounge in comfort while reading a good book.

The design of the flat features a modern-look with rather subdued feel. Simple, clean furniture was chosen to complement the wall colors. Soft grays were used to underline the veneer doors and wall finishing. The rest of the home is complemented by colorful, unique additions such as vases, bowls and rugs. Window treatments, fabrics, pillows give this home a softness and coziness making this home one in which you wished you lived.

The hallway with the laundry room, once hidden by a closing frame system, has now been upgraded to include a beautiful full-length mirror enhancing the visual space by both enlarging it visually and providing functionality for everyday use. The character of the home is undoubtedly highlighted in the living room by the rhino wall treatment as well as in the bathroom by the beautiful “overgrown” ivy wall combined with wood-style floor tiles giving the bathroom a spa-like feel.

Thank you to: Wzorcownia, Kamena Dekor, Moma Studio, BoConcept, Nap, Mar Bob, Metropolis Studio and all those who participated in this project.

Designer: Magdalena Szwedowska, Photographer: Adam Burdyło