The apartment is located in a very attractive area and has a beautiful view of the bay. It is lighted with big beautiful windows bringing in plenty of natural light; really making you want to live there. The nearly 2000 square foot apartment includes two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a children's room, an office, living room as well as a large kitchen.

The patio leading to the terrace provides a great ambiance to the home. It is the main centerpiece of the home as the floral applied quartz sinter tiles bring color into the interior making it a real piece of art.

The large kitchen’s high ceilings compliment the light-colored walls beautifully and add a lot of brightness to the home. Continuing to the rest of the apartment, there is a dining area with table and chairs, and a living area with a 3-meter long sofa, two decorative armchairs and coffee tables. The design concept for the master bathroom was to make it an integral part of the room, so we added tiles with a wooden finish to add a unique look. The design of the second bathroom was intended to be more elegant in nature. We used soft subdued colored tiles with bright classic stripes. The icing on the cake is truly the guest bathroom thanks to the Wall&decò WET SYSTEM™ wall finishing. Finally, the children’s room has a boyish style with blue upholstery and other blue gadgets giving the room its own unique charm.

I would like to thank Inter Style, Kamena Dekor, Moma Studio, Zbyszek Gmiński for their carpentry, furniture as well as all of those who participated on this project

Designer: Magdalena Szwedowska, Photographer: Adam Burdyło