Target: apartment renovation… I could write –„I’m blue” :)

And this apartment written with a capital “A”. Not because of its size, but becauce of a lot of work and patience that each of us and the contractor had to prove. Town house was built before the war, at a time when we entered the apartment located in this building, I thought quite the same thing about its interior.

In the apartment was to be done: gas installation, which hit water and the whole apartment, to the exchange were windows, breaking floors and installation of new concrete floors, place new walls, new electrical distribution and hydraulics, so I could list goes on …

When we were designing the Beata’s place we wanted to the apartment was warm, spacious and modern. The space in which we lives, cooks, eats daily meal and spend time together with a family. The apartment which is adapted to the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

On the surface of 58.5 m2 were separated two bedrooms: for daughter and for mom (who also had a function as a living room), a bathroom and a kitchen. Due to the fact that the apartment is located in a prewar building, next to the kitchen was a maid’s room. We decided to keep this natural facility and there arose an additional small room accommodating.

In the apartment we stand up on the floor in a natural oak color and light walls except for a few – in shades of blue. We completed the whole interior with white furniture, oak-components and accessories and fabrics in colors underlined the walls.

I’m very glad arranging another pillows, blankets and bedspreads apartment getting ready for the session. Once again, it turned out that the additives inside can work wonders. You can see that this apartment is living, it isn’t only to admire.

Beata, thank you very much for your trust and patience during the redecorating as well as during a photo shoot. Working with you is a pleasure :)

Special thanks to BoConcept stores and Nap for borrowing additions for a photo shoot.

Location: Gdynia, City Center
Area: 58.5 m2

Autor projektu: Magdalena Szwedowska, Autor zdjęć: Adam Burdyło