Why renting an apartment, it would be nice?

Sandra came to me with a request to design apartments for short-term rental. Location – center of Gdynia – Silver House. Inspiring and ideal location for such an investment.

After two meetings, we knew we were definitely on the same wavelength. Objective: apartment with a modern touch, spacious, designed in such a way as to protect visitors to the elements necessary to live.

On the surface of 53 m2, we planned several functions: a bedroom, a living room with a kitchenette and a bathroom. Floor – bleached oak, interior decorated in soft colors – gray and white. The accent color only appeared in the appendices. Thanks to that we achieve effect, which we aim from the beginning.

Sandra, Łukasz, thank you for your trust and such cooperation ;)

Special thanks to the BoConcept stores and Nap for borrowing additions for a photo shoot.

Location: Gdynia, Silver House
Area: 53 m2

Autor projektu: Magdalena Szwedowska, Autor zdjęć: Adam Burdyło, Wsparcie techniczne: Grzegorz Myszkowiak (Agena)